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How to Wear Clip in Hair Extensions Professionally by Yourself?
- Dec 15, 2016 -

"Your hair is the crown you never take off!" How to get lustrous, thick, and beautiful long hair quickly? Trust me, clip ins hair extensions will be the best choice for you. But how to wear clip ins hair extensions in a professional way on your own? You'd better fillow the 6 steps below:

1st Step: 

The clip ins hair extensions you get must match the color, the texture and the pattern of your own hair.

It is not suggested to wear straight hair extensions when you do it yourself. You have to curl the extension hair before clipping the extensions in your hair. This will help them blend naturally. Suggest tools: curling iron, hot rollers, velcro rollers, or magnetic rollers.
2nd Step:

Separate your hair into upper and lower sections. Start parting it at your left temple and move across the back of your head in a straight line to the right temple. Use a clip to secure the upper section of hair on top of your head.

3rd Step:
If your hair is fine or very straight, tease it along the bottom of the part line with a fine-toothed comb. This will help keep the clips secure. First tease a one-inch section of hair in the middle of the part, then one-inch sections on both sides, just above your ears.
4th Step:
Each set of extensions is attached to a semicircular net with three clips across the top and four around the bottom. Make sure that all seven clips are in the open position, then line up the top seam of the netting with your part and attach the top middle clip first. Push it down into the teased hair, then press it flat against your scalp (you’ll hear, and feel, a little snap when it’s secure).

5th Step:
Line up the piece along the part on both sides of your head, pulling it taut against your scalp, and attach the two side clips, one above each ear.

6th Step:
Attach the four lower clips along the lower half of your hairline, around the nape of your neck. Let down the top section of hair and use your fingers to blend it with the extensions.